Preparation of welding instructions


Certification of welding instructions

It is one of the manufacturing processes that connects 2 or more materials together. When connecting the members, the welding of the structure, in addition to having the ability to withstand the applied forces during service, must prove that the welding procedure has met all the standard quality requirements.

The welding process is a systematic method used continuously to produce a healthy weld. Various construction codes seriously require the preparation of WPS welding instructions in order to meet the quality of construction in the welding process.

3T team is well equipped with qualified and experienced welding engineers and inspectors to perform various welding related activities. Our team includes international welding engineers, international welding inspectors in various fields with more than a decade of site experience in welding with prominent Iranian and international employers, as well as a third party inspection company in Iran.

The process of preparing WPS welding instructions

تهیه دستورالعمل های جوشکاری

1- Task planning
2- Gathering information to write a preliminary instruction (WPS)
3- Welding on the sample (Test Coupon)
4- Evaluation of results
5- Preparation of welding approval procedure (PQR)
6- Documentation

After completing the test and recording the information and collecting the results, it is necessary to evaluate the test results according to the relevant code and standard. These results are generally documented and maintained.
1- Preliminary Welding Procedure Qualification is a document that is written before the approval of the welding procedure
2- WPQR is the qualification procedure for welding instructions
3- WPS is a document that is prepared after the qualification test procedure and the final work instructions, and all welding steps must be done according to it.

The objectives of the welding procedure qualification test

  • Ensuring that the mechanical and metallurgical properties of the weld meet the requirements of the code/standard.
  • Each welding procedure defines the range with which it can be welded (thickness, material, welding position, etc.)
  • If the customer has a request for proofs, the proofs can be provided to prove the authenticity of the work.

تایید صلاحیت دستورالعمل جوشکاری

3T specialists have the ability to provide and perform activities related to welding quality:

  1. Preparation of welding instructions according to standards and application codes
  2. As a representative of the third party inspector in certifying the qualification of the welder
  3. Perform WPQ and PQR
  4. Metallurgical and mechanical analysis of tests
  5. Performing RT, UT, PT, MT, VT as well as PAUT and ToFD tests on the samples
  6. Training welders on different processes and materials
  7. Consulting and implementation of ISO 3834 standard
  8. Conducting and preparing for welding inspection tests in accordance with AWS-CWI and other qualification standards

Some important codes and standards according to which welding instructions are prepared:

  • ASME Sec IX ( Boiler and pressure vessel code)
  • AWS D1.1(Structural Welding of steels)
  • EN ISO 15614 Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials, welding procedure test.
  • Part 1: Arc and gas welding of steels and arc welding of nickel and nickel alloys
  • Part 2: Arc welding of Aluminum and its alloys