Consulting and engineering services

Consulting and engineering services of Tam Taban Technical Consulting Engineers Company (3T)

About Tam Taban consulting and engineering services

Tam Taban Technical Consulting Engineers Company (3T) provides technical inspection services, advanced non-destructive tests (Advance NDT), specialized training courses in the fields of oil and gas, petrochemical, power plant, steel, shipbuilding, cement, road construction and The building is located in Iran and is ready to cooperate with the aim of meeting the needs of the country and creating value for the beneficiary companies by providing innovation and quality services based on qualified and prominent people in the inspection, welding and cutting industry.

مشاوره و مهندسی

Tam Taban inspection and engineering services is one of the top and leading companies in the country, and in the field of education, the name Tam Taban is synonymous with the best quality of specialized education and eventually becomes an educational brand.

Using experienced personnel, Tam Taban was also certified in the fields of engineering and inspection, who have at least a decade of experience in Iran’s welding industry, and is able to meet all the needs of respected employers in the aforementioned fields.