Inspection period of pressure vessels during construction

This course aims to familiarize with the principles of inspection of pressure vessels during construction, types of tanks, related accessories and construction stages, key and important points in the field of welding inspection and non-destructive tests, technical instructions related to conducting inspections and recording reports, as well as familiarization with materials metal

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Inspection period of pressure vessels during construction

Introduction to the history of the ASME code
Familiarity with standards, codes, regulations and…
Getting to know the different sections of the code Sec. 8
Acquaintance with different stages of construction of pressure vessels
Planning inspection of pressure vessels
Familiarity with documents related to design, construction and testing
General requirements for design, construction and inspection
Material requirements – Material inspection
Welding requirements – weld inspection
Non-destructive testing requirements
Dimensional inspection and tolerances
Stressing requirements of pressure vessels
Hydrostatic and pneumatic tests
Preparation of surfaces and painting of tanks
Final inspection of the tank
Inspection of packaging and shipping
Final documents of pressure tanks and how to check them
Familiarity with inspection report writing