About Tam Taban Company

Tam Taban Technical Consulting Engineers Company (3T)

About Tam Taban Company

Considering the growing movement of Iranian organizations, the rapid changes in the environment and technology, and the increase in competition at the national and international level in recent years, the need of these organizations for the scientific and practical empowerment of personnel has increased even more. Organizations are looking for trainings in which their experts, in addition to receiving and understanding the concepts theoretically, can learn the material in a completely practical way in order to implement these learnings to improve performance and, as a result, the progress of their respective organizations.

In addition to that, the enthusiasts and graduates of various levels of technical fields also feel the need to be educated in order to increase their personal competencies and capabilities for a stronger and better presence in the industry. It is obvious that the mission of the educational service provider unit is to provide strong, quality and with suitable facilities and equipment by reputable, committed and experienced teachers.

درباره شرکت فن آوران تام تابان

Tam Taban Technologies Company Mission Statement

Tam Taban Technical Consulting Engineers Company (3T) provides technical inspection services, advanced non-destructive tests (Advance NDT) and specialized training courses in the fields of oil and gas, petrochemical, power plant, steel, shipbuilding, cement, road construction and The building is located in Iran and is ready to cooperate with the aim of meeting the needs of the country and creating value for the beneficiary companies by providing innovation and quality services based on qualified and prominent people in the inspection, welding and cutting industry.


In the field of inspection and engineering services, it is among the top and leading companies in the country, and in the field of education, the name Tam Taban is synonymous with the best quality of specialized education and eventually becomes an educational brand.

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