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Tam Taban technicians (3T)

Tam Taban Technical Consulting Engineers Company (3T) in the fields of general, advanced and conventional non-destructive tests, third-party inspections, professional training and welding inspection in the fields of oil and gas, petrochemicals, oil and gas transmission lines, It operates in steel, construction, cement, shipbuilding, rail and automobile industries. Tam Taban Technical Consulting Engineers Company (3T) is able to respond to all the needs of respected employers in It has the mentioned fields.

دوره های آموزشی ARYA SGS-3T

SGS Academy and Tam Taban

Arya SGS companies and technical engineers Tam Taban (ARYA SGS-3T) based on the records and successful experiences of managers and professionals with professional qualifications, as well as using past records with the support of the global SGS brand with the cooperation of experienced professors of this industry It is ready to provide training courses as well as technical and specialized training services to managers, engineers and inspectors working in the industry. The activity scope of Arya SGS Academy – Tam Taban (ARYA SGS-3T), providing training in the fields of technical inspection, non-destructive inspections, inspection of cranes and lifts, packaging items, welding engineering, corrosion engineering, product inspection, safety courses And… is